Max Barbakow on MwM

Max Barbakow on MwM

Director and writer, Max Barbakow joined Mike K and Noel to talk about his new Hulu movie, Palm Springs, which premiered on the streaming service TODAY!

Kangaroo Puts Dog in Headlock

Here’s the classic video of a kangaroo that put a dog in a headlock, then got into a fistfight with the dog’s owner.

The Far Side is Back

Gary Larson has returned with his first new Far Side cartoons in 25 years!

Potato Tentacles

A woman who left a potato alone for 3 months came home to find something frightening. Woman returns home to find potatoes had sprouted terrifying 'tentacles' — New York Post (@nypost) July 6, 2020

Chicken Escape

A pet chicken made a daring escape by jumping into the back of a grocery delivery vehicle!

Soaring Sofa

Now this is how you hangout on the couch and still go places.

Most T-Shirts in 30 Secs

First David Rush and his wife claimed the 60 second record for putting the most t-shirts on, now he has the 30 second record.

George Shea & Badlands Rap

George Shea rapped the intro with and for Badlands!

Green Onion Chex

Tired of the same old same old for breakfast each morning? Then check out the newest cereal from Kellogg’s South Korea.

Pun-Loving Newsman

This anchor sure loves a good pun. Alfred Hitchcock: Puns are the highest form of literature.Me: Grab your Book-Mark, the library is open. — Mark Taylor (@MarkTaylor) June 21, 2020