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Straight Talk April 12, 2021

The Nature of Oaks, by Entomologist, Professor, and NYT Best-Selling Author, Douglas W. Tallamy, is an incredible discussion about “The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees”. :Listen, as Doug discusses the 91 species of Oak that are indigenous to the United States, and what major role they play in our Eco-system. Why acorns […]

Straight Talk April 7, 2021

Re-Visioning Narcissism, by Licensed Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and  Author, Gary Rosenthal,  is about “Healing Heresies For Polarized Times” Listen, as Gary explains the “Five Styles of Narcissism”, and how you might recognize these in yourself, and especially in others. He discusses the obvious traits of a Narcissist, and possibly a Psychopath, in the 45th President of […]

Straight Talk March 30, 2021

A History of the Human Brain, by Neuroscience Researcher, Science Journalist, and Author, Bret Stetka, is our developmental brain journey “From The Sea Sponge to CRISPR, How Our Brain Evolved”. How have we evolved and why we made is answered in detail. It doesn’t get any better than this interview, which delves into why, when, where […]

Straight Talk March 22, 2021

Life Is A Trip, by World-Traveler,Travel Writer, and  Author, Judith Fein, is truly the adventure of a lifetime, as you listen to this exciting, informative, and entertaining interview and book. The pages are filled with one adventure after another, in many countries of the world. Her journeys will become yours, as you explore with her, […]

Straight Talk March 15, 2021

MS. ADVENTURE … by Extreme Explorer, Field Scientist, Volcanologist, and Author, Jess Phoenix, is what she calls: “My Wild Explorations In Science, Lava, and Life”. This is one of the most interesting, informative, and entertaining interviews you will ever listen to. You will learn: what causes volcanoes to erupt, why there are so many active volcanoes […]

Straight Talk March 9, 2021

The Great,The Late (Almost) United States of America. by former US Army Captain, White House Military Social Aide, and Author, Leland M. Stenehjem, Jr.,is a Conservative’s view of politics, and the presidencies of Obama, Clinton, Bush and Trump. Discussions include, Immigration, Bill of Rights, Foreign Policy, and the difference between Democrats and Republicans, just to name […]

Straight Talk March 1, 2021

The Price You Pay for College, by NYT and WSJ best-selling Author, and the “Your Money” Columnist for the New York Times, Ron Lieber is a concise , informative, educational, and practical  guide to ” An Entirely New Road Map for the Biggest Financial Decision Your Family Will Ever Make”. Listen, and hear about the […]

Straight Talk February 23, 2021

Sort and Succeed, by Certified Professional Organizer, and Author, Darla DeMorrow, is the very book that you have been searching for, to help you organize your life memories. Listen, as she describes her SORT paradigm for organizing and maintaining your “stuff”. Pictures, cassettes, movies, videos and just about any memorabilia, are able to be categorized […]

Straight Talk February 16, 2021

50 Tips For Increasing Your Personal Power, by Coach, Speaker, and Author, Marie Roberts De La Parra, is a step-by-step guide to eliminating inhibiting negative self-talk, and replacing it with positive loving talk. Listen, as she discusses the Power of Self-Forgiveness, The Vanquishing Power , The Humility Power, and the Altruistic Power, just to name […]

THE BACHELOR - Ò2504Ó Ð Still reeling from SarahÕs sudden departure, Matt fights his tendency to put up walls as his journey continues with the 18 remaining women vying for his heart. Emotions in the house continue to run high, leading to a trash-talking face-off between Victoria and Katie, and even former Bachelor Ben Higgins and Bachelor Nation favorite Wells Adams canÕt diffuse the drama as things get physical on two group dates. Chelsea takes the opportunity to get real with Matt about her journey to self-love, and Chris Harrison drops a bombshell that will change the course of the season on ÒThe Bachelor,Ó airing MONDAY, JAN. 25 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Former QAnon Follower Melissa Rein Lively on Vantage Point

Former QAnon believer Melissa Rein Lively spoke to Nick Lawrence and callers on Vantage Point about how she was drawn in by the conspiracy theories and how she came to see the light.