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Straight Talk October 5, 2020

Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don’t Think So! , Exercise Physiologist, Kristen Carter, M.S., is the manual you’ll need to know: “What To Do When Your Doctor Tells You To Make Changes For Your Health”. Easy to read, easy to listen to, you’ll enjoy this true “nuts and bolts” approach to staying healthy.Link: Listen HERE […]

Straight Talk September 29, 2020

Muslim Mythbusting, by Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Sam Mak, provides a bridge for non-Muslims to explore the world of Islam, through a Muslim woman’s story. This interview is one of the most delightful, informative, motivational, and entertaining ones of the year. Any misconception or misunderstandings you may have had about the Muslim faith, are quickly […]

Straight Talk September 22, 2020

Personality Wins, by Keynote Speaker, Personality Expert, and Author, Merrick Rosenberg, is the entertaining and engaging interview of the year! Listen, as Merrick explains the four character types that describe all of us in a special way using the archetypes of four birds. You will be mesmerized by the incredible personality traits portrayed by these birds. […]

Straight Talk September 16, 2020

Mending The Shattered Mirror, by Actress, Artist, Musician, and Author, Analie Shepherd, is an interview and book that you won’t soon forget. Listen, as you hear the author’s story, which is  “A Journey of Recovery From Abusive Therapy”.This is an intriguing tale of: Multiple Personalities (DID); Transference and Counter-Transference; Gaslighting; and Unhealthy Dependence, created by an unscrupulous […]

Straight Talk September 8, 2020

Tiny Goat, Big Cheese, by Master Cheese Maker, Instructor, and Author, Kate Johnson, is the A-1 Instructional manual about “all things cheeses”. What are the ingredients? What does aging mean? How many kinds of cheeses there are, and what makes them different? These and many more questions are answered in this incredible book, subtitled “A Farm-To-Table, […]

Straight Talk August 31, 2020

Wines For Our Times, with Premier Winemaker, Susie Selby. Listen, and enjoy this fun-filled discussion about wines and wine-making, with one of the only female owned premier wineries in America. You’ll hear how her passion for creating fine wines, fulfills a life long dream started by her dad. She discusses: how and why wines differ; the […]

Straight Talk August 25, 2020

“Essential Oils Are Essential” by, Essential Oils Expert and Aromatherapist, Jessica Klingbaum. She is the Essential Oils expert that you have been waiting for. Her twenty years of experience shine through in this most amazingly informative show. You will learn: What is an essential oil; what to use them for, who should use them, how to […]

Straight Talk August 17, 2020

Stop Throwing Cash In The Trash , by Antique Appraiser, Estate Sale Expert, and Author, Patricia J. Penke. Is “Your Guidebook To Finding Hidden Treasures, And Transforming Them Into Huge Profits”. This is truly a fun, and informative step-by-step guide to: recognizing trash from treasure; pricing when buying or selling; sources  to use to find, to […]

Straight Talk August 10, 2020

Hearing Loss Facts And Fiction, by Board Certified ENT Physician and Author, Timothy Frantz, M.D., is your definitive guide to “7 Secrets To Better Hearing”. In this lively, entertaining, and incredibly informative interview you will hear about :1. Causes of Hearing Loss, 2.What actually happens in Hearing Loss, 3. Ear Wax,4. Tinnitus, 5. Cochlear Implants, […]

Straight Talk August 3, 2020

How I Learned To Speak Dog, by International Bestselling Author, Steve Lankfer, MBA, who says that you can get “100% Obedience…100% Of The Time”. This isa fun, entertaining, informative, and practical guide to building a truly healthy relationship with your dog. This is guaranteed to fascinate you with new fun facts, revelations and strategies to […]