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Straight Talk January 19, 2021

Optimal Living 360, by NYT, WSJ, and USA Today, Best-selling author, Sanjay Jain, MD, MBA, is totally about, “Smart Decision Making For A Balanced Life”. Dr.Jain and Nick discuss the meaning of “Integrative Decision Making”, and “Core Assets”, that he enumerates in his A.S.P.I.R.E.S, acronym. Sanjay is a down-to-earth, no frills, nuts and bolts doctor, who […]

Straight Talk January 11, 2021

Unlikely Environmentalist, by Co-authors, Kelly Jameson and  Dr.Lewis Cuthbert, Ph,D, is the story and legacy of a pioneering local environmentalist, Donna Madaras Cuthbert. Her passion, courage, and persistence were her tools to be instrumental in saving thousands of lives, as she pursued  and challenged what she called the “Toxic Triangle”. Listen, as her husband and […]

Straight Talk January 4, 2021

The What To Eat When Cookbook, by NYT best-selling Author and Internist, Michael F. Roizen, M.D., is a collection of “135 Deliciously Timed Recipes.” Listen, as Dr. Roizen discusses the “when to eat”, as well as the “what to eat”. The good doctor says that most of your calories should be consumed before 2:00 PM, […]

Straight Talk December 29, 2020

Embrace The Suck, by Entrepreneur, and award-winning Author, Brent Gleeson is “The Navy Seal Way To An Extraordinary Life”. If you needed something to uplift your spirits during the Pandemic, you will find it in the pages of this great book, and in the motivational words in this  interview. Listen, as you understand “resilience and […]

Straight Talk December 21, 2020

Christmas With Renae Baker, with Caroler, Acting Coach, and Author, Renae Baker, is a beautiful interview and celebration of Christmas, through the words and songs of Renae Baker. Listen, as Renae sings and interprets some of our best known, and  most enjoyable Christmas classics. Also, she and Nick discuss the melancholy theme, that often pervades […]

Straight Talk December 14, 2020

2 Connect, by Entrepreneur, Scientist, Educator, and Author, Linda McIsaac, Ph.D., is a “Revolutionary Mind2Heart Technology to find a soulmate, or improve a current relationship”. Listen, as Nick and Linda discuss the “Four Dichotomies”, that will help define who you are, and the person, whom you may be interested in getting to know better, for […]

Straight Talk December 7, 2020

Accident… Michigan’s Insurance Model For America, by President of The Neuro-Trauma Association, and Author, John G. Prosser II, is a manual beyond any manual to help understand the limits of automobile insurance coverage. If you think you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your auto policy, you might be greatly surprised, when you listen to […]

Straight Talk November 30, 2020

Love In The Time of Corona, by Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist, and Author,  Dr.Diana  Wiley, Ph.D., is “Advice from a Sex Therapist For Couples in Quarantine”. Listen, as Dr Diana, and Nick discuss such topics as: the mental, physical, and emotional value of sexual intimacy; the difference between “sensuality and sexuality”; relationship […]

Straight Talk November 23, 2020

Credit Line Banking, with Consumer Advocate, Veteran Mortgage Professional, and Author, Bill Westrom, is an eye-opening, practical, and informative show that discusses debt in all its forms. Credit score, Credit Card debt, College Loans, Car payments, and Mortgage loans, are just a sampling of the topics discussed. With all of that in mind, you will […]

Straight Talk November 16, 2020

Rental Secrets, by real estate consultant, and award-winning author, Justin Pogue, explains how to :”Reduce Your Rent,Get Better Value, and Create Quality Communities”. This powerful book and the interview see the renting of real estate through the eyes of the Landlord and the Tenant. Important information about the rights and responsibilities of each party is […]