Terry Waite on Vantage Point

Nick Lawrence and Bob Lowe welcomed a distinguished and noteworthy guest from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, Mr Terry Waite CBE.

Terry was the envoy and personal representative for the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican Church of England and among his duties for the Archbishop was a hostage negotiator who successfully gained releases of British, American and other Western citizens from Idi Amin in Uganda, Colonel Gadaffi in Libya, Iran and Hizbollah in Lebanon.

In 1987, Terry was on his third trip to Beirut negotiating to garner the release of American AP journalist Terry Anderson and American Tom Sutherland before he was taken hostage by Hizbollah and was subsequently held for almost 5 years in solitary confinement and almost total isolation.

With the current “social distancing” and “self quarantines” Terry shared with us his story and about how to mentally and physically cope, deal with and overcome the current crisis we are all sharing and experiencing.

Terry chatted with us live from his home in Suffolk in the United Kingdom.