Straight Talk June 15, 2020

The Compelling Story of Dr. Frank, as told by singer, actor,speaker, acting coach, voice-over artist, and author, Renae Baker, recounts Renae’s personal battle with the Corona Virus, and how a chance meeting with an ER doctor, changed the course of, and possibly saved her life. Listen, as Renae relates how her own story became intertwined with Dr. Frank, a passenger in her Lyft vehicle. His compassionate and heroic efforts to save the lives of those infected with Covid19,have been immortalized by a blog post that you can read on Renae’s website. In a short thirty-five minute ride, Baker learned the inside story of the dangers and frustrations faced by medical personnel, in the performance of their life saving duties. Ultimately, Dr. Frank succumbed to his own greatest fear, and was the first ER doctor in the U.S. to die of the Corona Virus. His selfless dedication can serve as a lesson to us all.

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