Pumpkin Spam

    Well, pumpkin spice season has taken a dramatic turn. The absurd 'pumpkin spice' craze is officially dead thanks to Spam https://t.co/a915DsTmys pic.twitter.com/G5Gg7Gdpfq — New York Post (@nypost) August 14, 2019

    Mom Celebrates First Day of School

    This mom dropped her kids off at the first day of school, then went to the Happy Place on Earth!

    Subway Bug

    This giant praying mantis put quite the scare into some NYC commuters. Like most New Yorkers, I’m frightened by the gigantic praying mantis on the subway but also relieved that he didn’t yell “It’s showtime!” pic.twitter.com/58sPRZVvfn — Keith Powers (@KeithPowersNYC) August 13, 2019

    Solo Flight

    A New York man ended up with plenty of leg room on a recent flight.

    Beagle Airbnb

    You can now sleep inside a giant beagle!

    Which One Wednesday

    The Which One Wednesday poll is brought to you by Cartridge World in Sinking Spring!

    Bill Hader Cruise

    Watch this video of an old Bill Hader interview where he’s transformed into Tom Cruise. Creepy.

    Snake Eats Tail

    Check out this video of a Pennsylvania kingsnake that swallowed it’s own tail.

    B-Ball Juggler

    This guy is the Michael Jordan of juggling basketballs!

    Salmon Cannon

    Feast your eyes on this highly entertaining way to help transport fish over dams that block their path. This salmon cannon transports the fish between bodies of water. (Via @CheddarGadgets)https://t.co/2eFQceFgzv pic.twitter.com/AHK0QJMCKf — Cheddar (@cheddar) August 7, 2019