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Straight Talk January 13th, 2020

The Logos Party, by Political Analyst, Speaker, and Author, Dustin Lawson, is one man’s disenchantment with today’s dogmatic and polarized political parties. His answer would be the creation of a system of respect for the Constitution, and return to the principles of reason. and rationality, rather than the blind allegiance to a political party. Listen, […]

Straight Talk January 6th, 2020

Keto-East, by Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, and best-selling Author, Kelly Tan Peterson, is the definitive answer to all of your question about one of the hottest and most popular contemporary diets…Keto! Listen, as Kelly Tan explains the benefits of eating LCHF, Low Carb/ High Fat diet. Based on extensive research, LCHF reduces, inflammation, lowers […]

Straight Talk December 30, 2019

Long Walk Out of the Woods, by Pediatric Oncologist, Palliative Care Physician, and Author, Adam B. Hill, MD, is a moving and inspirational story of ” A Physician’s Story of Addiction, Depression, Hope, And Recovery.” Dr. Hill discusses not only the struggles of his own life, but disturbing statistics of suicide, depression and addiction in […]

Straight Talk December 23rd, 2019

The Rabbi And His Famous Friends, by Historian, Social Activist, Chef, and Author, Rabbi Philip Posner, is a personal invitation to share some incredible recipes of famous people with the “food for thought” of the author. Listen, as Rabbi Posner connects the dots of the history of cultures, religious traditions, and social events, with the […]

Straight Talk December 16th, 2019

A Straight Talk Christmas, with Author, Singer, Actress, and Talent Coach, Renae Baker, is our annual “feel-good” show of the year. Listen, as Renae explains the meaning and history behind some well-loved carols, and how those messages of the past, still apply today. The music in this show is fun and entertaining,and the spirit in […]

Straight Talk December 9th, 2019

Unsubscribe From Anxiety, by Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, and Author, David A. Stone, is your one-way ticket out of chronic anxiety.  Listen, as Stone explains how to “Opt Out of The Myth That Worry Is Required, And Take Charge, of Your Own Life Now”  You’ll enjoy the Four Promises that the author makes to you, […]

Straight Talk December 2nd, 2019

America’s Unholy Ghosts, by Minister, Writer, Speaker, and Author, Joel Edward Goza, will shake some of the foundations of your political and religious beliefs. Goza discusses the influences of some of the philosophers of the “Enlightenment” on our Founding Fathers, and how they determined the direction of the Country, regarding slavery, and discrimination. Fully researched […]

Straight Talk November 25th, 2019

Millennial’s Guide To Work, by Psychotherapist, Business and Personal Coach, and Author, Jennifer Wisdom, Ph.D., is exactly what the title says. It is a user friendly guide to solving over sixty common challenges that Millennials experience on their path to finding the right career and fulfillment in life. Listen, as the author defines exactly what […]

Straight Talk November 19th, 2019

My Beautiful Detour, by artist, singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and author, Amy Oestreicher, is a story that you won’t soon forget. Listen, as Amy describes her harrowing teenage experiences, that set her up for the most astounding detour of her life! What happened to her after that, will go down in the history books, as […]

Straight Talk November 11th, 2019

Enough Already!…Yes You Are, by speaker, coach, and author, Elizabeth Trinkaus  is “A step-by-step guide to crushing the myth that if you do just one more thing, you will finally be enough” Listen, as “Liz” explains how her own transformation took place from the inside-out, and so will yours. Your attitude and a shift in consciousness, […]