• Straight Talk August 13th, 2019

    Hack Your Health Habits , by Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Author, Nathalie Beauchamp, is a resource book that you’ll want to have on your coffee table, to refer to, anytime you have a health question. This amazing book contains so many practical and informative ideas, that you’ll never want to put it down. Listen, as Dr. Beauchamp explains the”Fantastic Four” of vitamins and supplements, that you must take every day to maintain good health. You’ll love her explanation of the importance of “gut” and “brain”  health, just to mention a couple of salient points. If you care about your health, this is the “must-have” book of the year!
    Link: www.hackyourhealthhabits.com

    Listen HERE: http://830weeu.com/wp-content/uploads/StraightTalk081219.mp3