Blueberry Stuffed

Meet the man who set the world record for stuffing blueberries in his mouth.

Close Shark Encounter

These folks had no idea just how close they were to a shark while enjoying some fun in the sun.


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Spiderman Power Washer

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman was caught on camera power washing the roof of a church in some nasty Florida weather. View this post on Instagram It’s pouring with lightning and thunder in the background. • I look out of my window… and see this… • #spiderman #spidey #spidey #spideyverse #spideysuit #spidermanisawesome #spiderman1 #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelfan […]

Spider Snack

A hunstman in Tasmania caught these frightening pictures of a giant spider having a pygmy possum as a snack.

Dad Bod Jerseys

The Florence Freedom celebrated Father’s Day with these very unique jerseys. Happy Dad Bod Day! Shoutout to all the dads out there who are struttin' their stuff! *Everything is on as scheduled right now!* — FlorenceFreedom (@FlorenceFreedom) June 16, 2019

Which One Wednesday

Get your vote in on today’s Which One Wednesday poll!

Giant Goldfish

Officials in New York are asking folks not to flush their unwanted goldfish down the toilet because they could end up like this.

Baseball Mayo

This guy loves two things…  baseball & mayo. It’s the 5th inning. He’s been mowing that down for 91 minutes. 🤯 — Memphis Redbirds (@memphisredbirds) June 16, 2019

Political Kitty Filter

A politician in Pakistan accidentally live streamed themselves with a cat filter on and the internet captured the images. What have this official PTI KPK Facebok page has done with KPK Information Minister Shaukat Yousafzai 😂 ! This is INSANE. @SAYousafzaiPTI — Mohsin Bilal Khan (@MohsinBilalKhan) June 14, 2019