Bill Carter — The Story of Late Night

Bill Carter — The Story of Late Night

Mike K. and Noel Acosta III were joined by Bill Carter, the host and executive producer of The Story of Late Night a six-part docuseries on CNN that will take viewers on a journey back in time through present day of late-night television’s most memorable moments. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah, Conan […]

Root Down Brewing on MwM

Root Down Brewing on MwM

During the Morning Pint, brought to you by Klingers Pubs, Mike K. and Noel talked to Mike Hamara of Root Down Brewing about Mike journey through the beer industry, the brewpub in Phoenixville, their new beers and more!

Straight Talk March 30, 2021

A History of the Human Brain, by Neuroscience Researcher, Science Journalist, and Author, Bret Stetka, is our developmental brain journey “From The Sea Sponge to CRISPR, How Our Brain Evolved”. How have we evolved and why we made is answered in detail. It doesn’t get any better than this interview, which delves into why, when, where […]

Straight Talk March 22, 2021

Life Is A Trip, by World-Traveler,Travel Writer, and  Author, Judith Fein, is truly the adventure of a lifetime, as you listen to this exciting, informative, and entertaining interview and book. The pages are filled with one adventure after another, in many countries of the world. Her journeys will become yours, as you explore with her, […]

Straight Talk February 1, 2021

Organize Your Way, by Katie and Kelly McMenamin, is a complete and fun guide to “Simple Strategies for Every Personality”. Listen, as high energy Kelly explains the differences between the “Pilers and the “Filers”, and whether you fit into either category. She discusses how people of very different organizational styles can get along with each […]

The Morning Pint: SoulJoel's and Root Down

The Morning Pint: SoulJoel’s and Root Down

Mike K and Noel welcomed in Joel Richardson from SoulJoel’s Comedy Club and Mike Hamara from Root Down Brewing to discuss their upcoming beer collab. We also learned more about Root Down and some of the upcoming shows at SoulJoel’s.

Straight Talk January 4, 2021

The What To Eat When Cookbook, by NYT best-selling Author and Internist, Michael F. Roizen, M.D., is a collection of “135 Deliciously Timed Recipes.” Listen, as Dr. Roizen discusses the “when to eat”, as well as the “what to eat”. The good doctor says that most of your calories should be consumed before 2:00 PM, […]

Straight Talk December 29, 2020

Embrace The Suck, by Entrepreneur, and award-winning Author, Brent Gleeson is “The Navy Seal Way To An Extraordinary Life”. If you needed something to uplift your spirits during the Pandemic, you will find it in the pages of this great book, and in the motivational words in this  interview. Listen, as you understand “resilience and […]

Santa Claus on MwM

Even with his busy schedule, the one and only Santa Claus joined Mike K. and Noel for a last minute Christmas Eve conversation where Santa takes calls, talks about his 2020 and much more! Merry Christmas to all!

Straight Talk December 7, 2020

Accident… Michigan’s Insurance Model For America, by President of The Neuro-Trauma Association, and Author, John G. Prosser II, is a manual beyond any manual to help understand the limits of automobile insurance coverage. If you think you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your auto policy, you might be greatly surprised, when you listen to […]