Straight Talk January 11, 2021

Unlikely Environmentalist, by Co-authors, Kelly Jameson and  Dr.Lewis Cuthbert, Ph,D, is the story and legacy of a pioneering local environmentalist, Donna Madaras Cuthbert. Her passion, courage, and persistence were her tools to be instrumental in saving thousands of lives, as she pursued  and challenged what she called the “Toxic Triangle”. Listen, as her husband and partner Dr “Buzz” Cuthbert, and friends Betty and Charlie Shank, expound on the very human qualities of a “Small Town Women’s Clothing Store Owner, Who Battled Corporate Polluters In the Toxic Triangle to Save Countless Lives”. Heart-warming, educational, and motivational, are just a few adjectives to describe the legacy of this most amazing woman! Donna Madaras Cuthbert is the shining example of “the Power of One” to change the world!